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Elena Dorokhova,
Vyacheslav Tairov, Yuliya Kuznetsova (Almaty)
Kazakh mass media and, above all, domestic television, will change. They have little chance of remaining the same, since the new owners of newspapers and television channels are unlikely to be interested in keeping them as they are now. Experts believe that quality changes should not be expected, journalists tend to think that the situation will worsen. The viewer is poorly informed about what is happening, he still does not know that soon he will live almost without politics.

The fact that Kazakhstan's journalism will change, it was clear in the spring of this year. At first, there was a lot of talk about what the 31 Channel channel will soon change, then, at the end of spring, the empire of Rakhat Aliyev, then senior son-in-law of President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, collapsed.

There were incredibly a lot of fog and talk around the sale of Channel 31. The management of the television company broadcasting in most regions of Kazakhstan kept silence, and the journalists were expecting a denouement. She came just a couple of months ago. The founder and the permanent leader of the 31st channel, Armanzhan Baytasov, confirmed what had long been known - the Russian STS acquired a share in the television company. Kazakhstan legislation allows foreign companies and citizens to own only a 20% stake in the media, but a tricky contract will allow the JTS to control all financial flows and, most importantly, the software product.

"Channel 31" until recently remained the most "advanced" in the sense of news. Three dozen famous journalists made the best informational and analytical programs on this channel. "The 31st" Kazakhstanis were considered oppositional - for harsh comments and details in the plots that journalists of other TV companies never paid attention to.

At the same time, the names of those who own the channel have never been disclosed, although all journalists and media figures were aware of this. The owner of the channel is Bulat Utemuratov, the manager of the presidential administration. And the oppositional position of the television company is, of course, only a move, so that there is one bright spot against the general gray background.

The news of the purchase of a stake in a television company by the Russian STS upset most journalists. The software product will change, but the news of "Informbureau" will remain on the channel, President Armanzhan Baytasov said, but they did not believe him. First of all, the journalists of this news, who began to write statements about leaving the channel.

One of them says that among journalists “the expectations of an“ end ”, an early“ end ”of news in the form in which they were published“ have become too strong. “The information bureau that we did will last until January, and then the format will be different,” says the reporter, who wrote the statement one of the first. He does not give his name, saying that he will soon have to go to a new job and it’s not very clear how they will feel about love of freedom.

“The Information Bureau will have a different face and character. This is already happening, ”said the former journalist. To date, the channel has left several bright news journalists, including the General Producer of the Information Bureau, Viktor Klimov, who more than 10 years ago was among those who invented this program.

Those who stayed continue to make news. Differences, according to observers, is not visible.

“Based on the example of“ 31 channels ”, we see that there are no significant changes. This is a matter of business and nothing more. It takes time to look at and evaluate the changes that will occur in Kazakhstan's journalism, ”says Networks Mataev, president of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan.

The former journalist "Channel 31" is sure that the changes will soon be noticeable, "it is only necessary to wait until the new year and everything will become clear."

Following the "31 channel" entertain the viewer in a hurry and the channel KTK. Sources say that his current owner, Dariga Nazarbayeva, the eldest daughter of the president of Kazakhstan, is preparing to sell the television station. The name of the possible buyer, however, as well as the fact of the possible sale, no one has yet confirmed. Dariga Nazarbayeva after the scandal with her husband again became a closed person - to get comments from journalists for her is a great success.

Not long ago, the KTK television company, as well as several radio stations, the newspaper Karavan, the Kazakhstan today information agency and other media assets, belonged to the now ex-spouse of Dariga Nazarbayeva, Rakhat Aliyev. These politician and businessman actively used resources not only as a source of income, but also as a means of struggle. In the spring of this year, after several criminal cases were brought against Rakhat Aliyev in Kazakhstan, he lost all of his assets in the country, including the media empire. The disgraced politician reported from Vienna, where he is, that his wife was forced to file for divorce.

Control over all media resources passed to Dariga Nazarbayeva. Mass media, which previously reported news from the front of the war of Rakhat Aliyev and his opponents, also began to cheerfully report on the successes of the government and the president. At the same time, there was talk that the media empire passed to Dariga Nazarbayeva temporarily - the Kazakhmys copper corporation would soon establish control over it.

News about the possible sale of CPC appeared again in October and, probably, as in the case of Channel 31, we will have to wait for their confirmation. But many are sure - it will be. CTC in this case is also likely to devote less time to information and more to entertainment.

The general direction is set - television will move from information to entertainment. Traditional channel filling will vary. The president of the International Foundation for the Protection of Freedom of Speech, Adil Soz, Tamara Kaleyeva, believes that the situation on television and in journalism as a whole will not change from recent events.

“The situation will not change. Neither qualitatively nor quantitatively. Frames will remain the same. This is a matter of business, no more. Perhaps, technical equipment will become better, which will have an impact on watchability. But I think this will not affect the quality of the television products themselves. After all, everything depends not on the will of journalists, but on the general political situation in the country, ”said Tamara Kaleyeva.

Other experts, like journalists who are still working on the channels and have already left, offer to wait.

“Now, when it is not yet clear how the fate of the CTC will be decided, it is very difficult to say something exact. It is rumored that he will have an entertaining orientation and if this happens, I will not be happy at all, ”Seitkazy Mataev said.
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