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Elena Dorokhova,
Andijan Polka
Oleg Panfilov
In Soviet times, in the Central Asian republics of the USSR, it was popular at various celebrations to show the inevitability of the arrival of communism through the happy faces of girls and boys dashingly dancing to Andijan Polka. Bows on the girls' combed hair, girls from the skullcaps - from the boys. And smiles, happy eyes, knee-high socks, short skirts, soft boots, belt scarves- “rumola”, enchanted public.

And-and-and-and, oh, there-there, taram-pam ...

I would like to see President Karimov happy too. Non-citizens who are recorded in the Constitution of Uzbekistan as full executives of power and order, namely, those who were submitted — a person who more than 15 years ago voluntarily assumed the right to dispose of everything in the territory of a separately formed independent state.

Only he knows to what extent and how much interest is allowed to be a Muslim.

Only he knows that the national hero of the Uzbek people may not be the poet Alisher Navoi or the founder of algebra Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khorezmi, but the cruel tyrant and conqueror Amir Timur.

Only Islam Abduganievich knows that the determinant of the degree of freedom of speech is in his country residence Durmen, in a separate room with a secret entrance. This is a device that has graduations - “French Freedom of Speech,” “American Freedom of Speech,” or “Uzbek Freedom of Speech.” For some reason, the device is always installed on the last scale, and many in Uzbekistan suspect that the device does not work at all.

Only Islam Abduganievich knows how to treat his neighbors, not paying attention to the millennial traditions, which have preserved among many peoples the veneration of those who live nearby. The degree of neighborhood is determined by respect and love, and not by rows of barbed wire at the border and anti-personnel mines in the mountains.

Only Islam Abduganievich believes that respect for the country is achieved by adopting the numerous democratic content of laws, and not at all by their execution. And not even reading.

Only Islam Abduganiyevich has no idea that if there are one and a half times more human rights activists come to the streets and they will have a poster in their hands - “We love and respect the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, and he will order them to be arrested, the whole world will shudder because of perplexity about the peculiar form reign in this wonderful country.

I don’t know if Islam Abduganievich loves the "Andijan Polka", but the fact that Andijan will include a black line in his biography is certain.

And the point is not the number of words uttered by the Uzbek president about the international conspiracy and “Islamic fundamentalists”, but in the souls of those innocent people who deliberately or not specifically, but were killed in Andijan.

Mirror them with dust!
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[email protected]
05.06.2005, Uzbekistan, Tashkent
I am a native of Andijan, but for 2 years now I have been studying in Tashkent, these days I was worried about my relatives, I called up on the same day with my parents and friends. It was just said that almost all residents of the city of Andijan were at home, and on the streets, those who staged protests, they came from other places. Yes, it was difficult to call up, but called up. I believe a parent and family. They spoke as if these Protestants wanted to seize power in Kyrgyzstan, but this is not Kyrgyzstan. Uzbekistan since the day of independence, in my opinion, has made very great progress, but I am aware that not all have grown because it is difficult to create at once a strong democratic and socio-economic country. Everything should go in stages, and Uzbekistan does and does. Yes, everyone can say anything, but please speak and write the truth, and not just that. Mr. Karimov, he alone will not be able to lead the country, the people must help him first and all who are near him. Every person should know who he was, who he is, who he will become in the future. Each person must believe in something, and the Uzbek people are mostly Muslims, they believe in Allah.
Jamilya Huseynova
[email protected]
06/01/2005, Tajikistan, Dushanbe
The Uzbek people will not stop there. If this option is not passed, then a new wave will necessarily appear soon. And in general, a color revolution awaits all former Soviet republics. Because such a life is already tired of everything.
[email protected]
05.27.2005, Kazakhstan
I am very sorry about what happened in Andijan. The beautiful Fergana Valley was covered with the blood of people who wanted to defend their human rights. In my opinion, Karimov measured out a few days. Anyone who raised his hand to his own people, no longer sit in the saddle. And it is not true that this is the plot of the Islamists. Uzbeks are a people with a rich culture, people of bakers, builders and just working people. They just want to live, not to exist. I, as a Kazakh, would like to say that they (Uzbeks) could truly come together, gather and elect the real Head of their people, who could raise Uzbekistan from the ruins. Good luck !!!
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