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Migrant Enemies
There is a dangerous tendency in Kazakhstan - guest workers are becoming “horror stories”
Rasul Ibragimov (Almaty)
“Now there is a crisis in the construction companies, many workers have been dismissed, but mostly they were all hired and immigrants. They don’t want to leave and are engaged in looting in the streets. ” Similar messages are now filled with electronic boxes and forums in Kazakhstan, especially for bank tellers. The fact is, the mortgage crisis, the decline in real estate prices really caused a slowdown in construction and even freezing of many objects. Mainly migrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, as well as internal migrants from Kazakhstani villages and small towns, work at these construction sites.

As a rule, frequent looting on the streets of Almaty takes place according to one scenario: a blow is struck on the head from the back with a blunt object, a person loses consciousness, money is taken from him, a mobile phone, outer clothing. Most often, robbers act in groups of 2-3 people, stalking their victims at entrances, in the arches of houses and attacking mainly employees of banks and managers of various companies. Because of the wave of robberies, the security services of many commercial structures began to instruct employees actively, advising to have with them the means of self-defense and not to listen to headphones on the street. And if there is no light at the entrance, Almaty residents are advised to ask someone from their relatives to go down with a flashlight and meet them.

In the Almaty police do not deny that the robbery increased after the freezing of construction sites. 8 mobile police groups constantly check objects and search for illegal immigrants, expelling those who are not registered. However, according to the police, the proportion of crimes committed by foreigners is less than 0.05%, and during the year “outsiders” committed only 103 crimes, which is 37% less than in 2006. However, the rumors that it is migrant workers who are robbing Almaty citizens, which does not increase the tolerance of citizens, continue to be exaggerated.

However, there is also an opinion that the Kazakhstani provincials commit robberies. For example, in forums that, as a rule, are not particularly censored for inter-ethnic etiquette, the offensive nickname “mambeta” is often used, which is usually referred to as urban, “non-advanced” Kazakhs. Urban accuse of the growth of crime of their opponents, and aggressive debate begins. One of the very decent and “literary” examples of such discussions on the topic of who among the dismissed builders is more involved in looting (spelling and style are preserved):

- Definitely Mambic! Ravshans and without it the police are intimidated.

- Do not be about your way. Our Kazakhs as you write not Mambics. Our earn their honest work. And you just keep quiet, just do not know the hard work.

- Yes, we, Kazakhs, are very lazy people !!! We will steal better, but we will graze sheep, lie in an aul and we will better bashhavat, or, in extreme cases, scourge, but we will not work in any way, the more difficult it will be to do (this is not for Kazakhs) !!!

The authors of these comments called “Mambics” ethnic provincial Kazakhs, mainly from villages, and “Ravshans” - migrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (thanks in large part to the famous TV show “Nasha Rusha”). By the way, the comments often concern the problems of prostitution in Kazakhstan, where the main suppliers of the “cadres” are, again, the Kazakh province and neighboring countries of Central Asia. This “market” also causes a lot of intolerant statements and xenophobia in Kazakhstan. However, the link between the crisis in the construction industry of Kazakhstan and violations of the rights of migrants, the deterioration of attitudes towards them is a new trend that may turn out to be dangerous.

However, the opinion that migrants are engaged in looting is still more popular. Here are examples of comments on this topic (spelling and style are again preserved):

Unknown: On what basis did these freaks even breathe our air? Be sure to fix a few murders to start working and expel all trash in their homeland. In general, it is necessary to introduce criminal liability for aiding illegal migrants.

- It is high time to close the city, filtering all this scum still at the entrance - at train stations, roads, etc. The raids are ineffective: they will catch hundreds of guest workers - five hundred new ones will take their place. In addition to large construction companies, there are dozens, if not hundreds of small LLP companies operating in the city, not counting individuals hiring guests to build a mansion for themselves, their beloved ...

- It is necessary to catch a couple of criminals and conduct demonstration trials on them. The trial show on TV, voiced on the radio, write in the newspapers, so that others are disreputable. It is necessary to give them maximum terms of imprisonment, and then put them in a Kazakhstan prison, and there they will be treated as necessary.

- Correctly say the unknown, tell me what's the difference who to plant - the main thing is that Uzbek or Karakalpak.

- And what ... did these construction companies use the services of illegal immigrants? ... There are huge doubts about the quality of the construction, which was carried out by these same illegal immigrants, and also robbery, which can be attributed to the most shameful and contradictory steal ... "

- To drive this evil in the neck, and then lynches will begin over these monsters. the other day, my 11-year-old son was attacked by two goons-frostbite, a cell phone was pulled out, no passersby responded to calls for help, this is also worth considering. if the law enforcement agencies do not take measures, we will unite our efforts and we will spread this scum on the asphalt of the capital.

- Moor did his job, the moor can leave. As if having gone, they did not return with the Koran and the bombs (atomic), they live in the neighborhood, and not on another planet. And still can come regiments and divisions, the more we do not let them go, the less they have a choice.

It is unlikely that the American bankers, with whom the mortgage boom began, could assume that at a certain stage this would affect the problem of xenophobia in Kazakhstan. Here we recall famous events in Italy, where an ethnic Romanian raped and killed an elderly Italian, and this fact caused a wave of migrant-phobia even in this European country. The Romanians at some point became a kind of “horror story”, and many of them came under pressure.

What can happen in Kazakhstan if construction projects do not unfreeze, it is difficult to say. Apparently, not only macroeconomic indicators are important here, but also the general level of education of the population, the effectiveness of government efforts in respect of the rights of migrants and the rule of law.

In any case, it is possible to predict the growth of intolerance towards migrants in Kazakhstan, and each individual case of robbery committed by a guest worker will cause ten times more noise than the same crime committed by a Kazakhstani person.

As a result, the most unpredictable consequences of migrant-phobia, emerging in Kazakhstan, are possible, and in much more aggressive forms than in Nasha Rasha.
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