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project Manager,

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chief editor,

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webmaster [at] cjes.ru

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a diamond stylus,

Nargis Zokirova,
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Lyudmila Burenkova,
technical editor,
lyuda [at] cjes.ru

Elena Dorokhova,
№ 3 (71) February 2008
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Deep freeze
Oleg Panfilov
Wallet crisis
Yulia Kuznetsova (Kentau)
Turkmen experiments
Murad Aytakov (Ashgabat)
Loyalty - passed stage
Rashid G. Abdullo (Dushanbe)
Whose bounty?
Abdulhamid Sulaimonov (Andijon)
Controlled good
Amid Azamat (Moscow)
Good ...
Anna Klaus (Almaty)
Beggarly compassion
Jahongir Boboev (Dushanbe)
Deep freeze
Terrible frosts have fallen on Central Asia - not only a climatic collapse, but also a political one. And if the climate can somehow be figured out, survive, finally, then the policy is more difficult. Politics is fleeting, but its consequences are far more sensitive to the population than the cold.
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Wallet crisis
A little more than a month, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Massimov, was assigned to a working group from among the business associations, members of the Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Forum, to prepare proposals and measures to eliminate the sources of problems of small and medium businesses. The term has expired, and the Forum submitted 263 proposals to the government, which, in the opinion of its representatives, simply need to be introduced into existing legislation.
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Turkmen experiments
It seems that the new authorities of Turkmenistan are haunted by various kinds of reform ideas. Well, reform is good. But it is good, when they are thought out and realized, having thought over the consequences carefully. And it is precisely those people who handle the power more intelligent and cautious than the monkey with a grenade.
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Loyalty - passed stage
On December 26, the main building of one of the country's oldest universities, the Tajik State Medical University, burned to ashes in the flames of the largest fire in the entire post-Soviet period in the history of Tajikistan. And although all available forces and firefighters of the Dushanbe service, as well as the capabilities of 201 Russian military bases, were used to extinguish the fire, only the bare walls remained of the building.
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Whose bounty?
Searches in the Uzbek segment of the global network showed that it recorded 68 organizations whose main activity is considered to be charity. Among them are centers for socio-economic development, associations of diabetic diabetics, charitable ecological clubs, a convent, a society of disabled children, a society of humanitarian technologies selling hearing aids, a shaping federation, and even a special fund for the spiritual management of Muslims.
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Controlled good
Charitable activity in Kyrgyzstan so far exists more in words than in deeds. At the same time, the statement about the perfect absence of philanthropic practice in the republic would also be incorrect. Most likely, we can talk about the presence of the first rudiments of charity. What was previously cultivated in the republic under the brand name of “charity” earlier can hardly be called a true manifestation of the best human qualities.
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Good ...
World experience has shown that charity in the true sense of the word is most effectively developed in countries with a stable economy, with a developed civil society with a priority social policy and a system of respect for human rights. The process of the evolutionary development of Kazakhstan in the post-Soviet period is confirmed by this ... with some reservations.
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Beggarly compassion
The President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, twice a year congratulates the people of the country on the onset of the holy religious holidays of Ramazan and Idi Qurbon, which are declared non-working days in Tajikistan. And already every year from time to time the president calls upon the citizens of the country to be merciful and not refuse to help the poor, the elderly and the sick.
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