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Allow me!
Murad Aytakov (Ashgabat)
I go to the Internet for days and see that Alexander Lukashenko is again butting with the West. Or the West butts it. It doesn’t matter, the process is going on - America introduced new sanctions against Farther, the OSCE and the Council of Europe will also be noted in the coming days. There is no need to find fault with the West, the Old Man himself gives it: over and over again, rallies rallies, closes newspapers, attacks other corns of the local and western democracies. And time after time a wave of indignation of European bureaucrats by the behavior of the “last dictator of Europe” is rising.

All is wonderful. Especially looking from Ashgabat. Alexander Lukashenko compared to Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov looks like aki Vaclav Havel. And opposition newspapers are imported to Belarus, and rallies are held, and they are dispersed, but time after time they get together, bloggers write and write to the Old People on the Internet without hiding their faces and real names. And I would have tried even someone to think about organizing a rally in Ashgabat or import a dozen copies of opposition newspapers to Turkmenistan! Ha, and he and his entire family would have been put in a zindan, and no one vouched that this daredevil will remain alive in the coming year. There were precedents, there are precedents.

And the point is not that the dissidents and oppositionists of Belarus are less courageous than their Asian comrades, not at all! Maybe even more courageous. But the degree of bloodthirstiness of the regimes of Belarus and Turkmenistan is simply incomparable and, most importantly, the response of the West to the level of democracy of our countries is incomparable. Lukashenko is subject to obstruction, and in Ashgabat everyone is coming and going from Europe and the USA. OSCE hosts conferences in Ashgabat. And the OSCE Secretary General, Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, “highly appreciated the new initiatives of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov” ... And the US senator Lugar would like to see Berdymukhamedov in the United States in his address as a human rights activist. Wonderful!

And it’s clear that both Americans and Europeans need only two things from Turkmenistan: the first is gas, and the second is gas bypassing Russia. And the European official and US senator do not care about human rights and democracy in Turkmenistan. And all the laments about democracy in Belarus are of the same nature - they are not interested in democracy as such, they are worried about the absence of anti-Russian rhetoric in the mouth of the Belarusian government. And the absence of gas in Belarus makes criticism of the Lukashenka regime just hysterical.

And all this is pouring water on the mill of Russian “sovereign democrats” and other “sovereigns”. Mouthpieces from the number of Kremlin Kremlin political technologists call all this “double” standards. But they can be understood, the stigmas themselves are fuzzy and they raise accusations of “double standards” as a flag, first of all, not to blame the West for something, standing on firm positions of their own convictions, but in order to once yelping "fool himself" in the direction of the West. And this is another argument for the Russian “empire” in convincing their own people in the natural Russophobia of Europe and America: look, they say, the Democrats beat Lukashenko, he is not against Russia, and they are ready to forget about democracy where there is gas.

And surprisingly, gas and oil are mostly where concepts of freedom and human rights tend to zero. And the policy of extracting them turns into a complete fooling of his and other peoples. The European man in the street is told: “Look, we are fighting for democracy in Belarus, against the dictatorial regime of Lukashenka. See, we oppose Russian gas expansion and fight for energy security. We even want to stretch the gas pipe through the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea, our dear European voter, so that your house is warm and full. ” And the fact that in that pipe gas will be bought from Asian dictators, they forget to tell the European man in the street. Consciously overlooked. As well as the fact that the money obtained for the very “safe” gas from Russia will be used to strengthen the Asian dictatorships and not only do not improve the lives of the common people of these countries, but will also throw it further away from democracy so dear to Western officials and from decent quality of life, respectively. These officials actually signify that they are in positions of “democratic” racism and “democratic” segregation. Say, some people are worthy of democracy, while others can do without democracy, Belarusians need democracy like air, and other Turkmen (Uzbeks, Kazakhs) are just Asians, and things should not be Europeans (and Americans), like Asians decide their Asian affairs .

Cynically? Yes! Double standards? Of course! Why then is all the diplomatic rhetoric hiding mercantile interests with stilted phrases about the highest values ​​of democracy? We overthrow Saddam, the Taliban, threaten the Iranian mullahs, we poison Lukashenko, and Karimov and Berdymukhamedov we put out of brackets ... Why? Where are the criteria that allow you to separate the grain from the chaff and the lambs from the goats? And if the goat is defined in the person of Lukashenka, then why is not Berdymukhamedov also referred to the herd, who not only holds political prisoners imprisoned by Saparmurad Niyazov in prisons, and also imprisons his own enemies there. The refusal of Karimov from the death penalty provoked delight, so the conditions in the Uzbek prisons are such that any conclusion there turns into a death penalty stretched in time!

And how does the thinking of Western bureaucrats differ from the Gazprom-like thinking of Vladimir Putin, who simply, with one stroke of the pen, signed a package agreement with Niyazov, known as “gas-people”, who deprived Russia of over 120,000 ethnic Russians in Turkmenistan at once and condemned them to forced assimilation ? Only by the fact that now the West in the face of its diplomacy, already openly, without embarrassment, leaves entire nations for slaughter, in essence, endorsing the repressive policy of their rulers. For gas, of course.

And they justify their desire to buy gas from Asians, bypassing Russia, by saying that this "... will allow the people of these countries to get new opportunities to strengthen their independence ...", read it - to avoid the gas (and other things) yoke of the Russian Federation. But no one explained and did not show how the yoke of Russia is worse than the yoke of homegrown satraps. And what is meant by the term "independence"? Yes, countries gained independence, but the nations did not receive freedom. And these are completely different categories and for some reason over and over again these categories, these concepts are replaced. And Kosovo’s independence is seen differently. And will there be freedom along with independence? Encouraging ethnocracy, along with totalitarianism, Western countries again fall into the temptation of neo-colonial expansion, while covering their purely mercantile goals with slogans on democracy and equal rights, not to mention that they mean freedom, human rights exclusively at home.

The new phase of neo-colonialism, as the logical development of the countries of democracy and super-consumption, draws a line under the division of the world on those who are worthy of democracy and a full life and all the rest. The well-fed climbed up and dragged the ladder behind them, making their standard of living unattainable for others and nobody cares that this standard of living was achieved and is achieved at the expense of others. Due to the suffering of others. Due to the exploitation of what belongs to these others.

Alas, we have to part with all the romance of the democracy of the 80s and 90s, it has long become an almost indecent manifestation of the complexes of a generation that has lagged behind the development. The cynicism and practicality of the entire international system is no longer masked by the stilted expressions of the Universal Declaration. And the Declaration itself has turned into an ordinary screen, which is exposed to cover obscene business. So that was not a shame.
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