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№ 7 (75) April 2008
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Inconvenient murder
Oleg Panfilov
Will there be no electric shock anymore?
Qasim Abdullayev (OSH)
Are they planting again?
Murad Aytakov (Ashgabat)
Will the opposition soar?
A diamond stylus (OSH)
Persians on the air
Jahongir Boboev (Dushanbe)
Unequal battle
Sahira Nazarova (OSH)
Non-Snake Zone
Akhmedov (OSH)
Provincial VIP
Rasul Ibragimov (Almaty)
I'd go to senators
Vasily Buslaev (Tashkent)
Inconvenient murder
On March 31, Lieutenant Colonel Mamasaliyev, head of the Regional Department of the Central Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, told his letter to Alisher Saipov’s parents that “currently a criminal case for 41-07-1669 initiated under Art. 97 h. 2 p. 4,6 of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic on the fact of the murder by unknown persons of your son Alip Saipov is currently suspended on the basis of art. 221 h. 1 p. 3 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, for failure to identify the person subject to criminal prosecution. In human language, this means that the killer (s) was not found and we will not look for more.
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Will there be no electric shock anymore?
Until April 2008, Kyrgyzstan was confident that the electricity remained for a few days. The situation was extremely critical. Here, quite recently, the press service of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Fuel Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic officially announced that the flow of water into the country's largest Toktogul reservoir began.
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Are they planting again?
It was reported from abroad that a public activist was arrested again in Turkmenistan. The Democratic Civil Union of Turkmenistan issued a press release about the arrest of Valery Pal, a former senior official at a refinery in the city of Turkmenbashi and the “most prominent citizen of the city.”
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Will the opposition soar?
An hour of truth for the new opposition in Kyrgyzstan will come on April 12. It is on this day that the widely declared, previously popular kurultai, that is, the veche, should take place. Having exposed old wounds and offenses. Kurultay was to be held on March 29th.
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Persians on the air
On March 24, following a trilateral meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iran in Dushanbe, it was decided that the office of a single television channel of Persian-speaking countries would be opened in the Tajik capital.
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Unequal battle
Mukhtar, as the youngest in the family since childhood, was spoiled by the attention and care of elders. School grades turned into Soviet rubles: I received a “5”, get five rubles from my father. After school, got a job.
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Non-Snake Zone
According to the UN World Health Organization (WHO), the most drinking country in the world is the African country Uganda. It is noteworthy that almost all countries with high consumption of alcoholic beverages are, with rare exceptions, European countries. And countries with minimal alcohol consumption are mostly Muslim countries, where traditions are still strong.
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Provincial VIP
A truly large-scale planetary level event took place in Almaty - the Olympic torch relay. However, this torch, lit in Greece, and visited Beijing, will fly around 22 more cities on 5 continents before opening the 29th of the Olympic Games on August 8.
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I'd go to senators
Read the essay visiting journalists in Uzbekistan and you wonder ... And where they meet Russian, completely satisfied and successful. It seems that the Russian reservation was visited ...
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