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No. 8 (76) April 2008
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Tired of friendship
To bury or open?
Sahira Nazarova (OSH)
Parallels ...
Murad Aytakov (Ashgabat)
Explode Genplan
Nargis Zokirova (Dushanbe)
... the eternal "why"
Bostanov Justice (Almaty)
Offended IMF
Alisher Fayzullaev (Dushanbe)
Iron stroke
Damir Vacancies (Moscow)
Uzbek carousel
Vahid Salihov (Tashkent)
Kyrgyzkoye UN
A diamond stylus (OSH)
Tired of friendship
During his official visit to Kazakhstan, Islam Karimov once again “shortened” his colleague Nursultan Nazarbayev about the permanent “integration initiatives” of the latter.
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To bury or open?
In hospitals of the city of Osh, there is a tendency to reduce autopsies of the dead. According to statistics, the majority of the bodies being uncovered are of Asian nationality, whereas, relatives tend to avoid this because of their religious beliefs.
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Parallels ...
Observing from Ashgabat at the congress of "United Russia" all the time I caught myself thinking that somewhere and quite recently I saw this. The clarity of associations was eroded by modernist entourage and design. However, the frequent standing up for applause to Putin and the admiringly-affectionate physiognomy of the party functionaries who stared at him, put everything in its place.
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Explode Genplan
In 2007, the Dushanbe city administration launched a master plan for the construction of the capital, but for economic reasons, it was not possible to implement it. The implementation period of the master plan expired in December 2005, but in January 2006 it was extended by a decree of the Government of the country until 2030.
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... the eternal "why"
"What for? What for?". These were the very first comments of commentators, which can be found after the first reading of the article on the famous site Fergana.ru. Indeed, why? Why so shudder and worship the stones? In general, the history of the establishment of monuments had always intriguing interest.
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Offended IMF
In early March, the IMF demanded that Tajikistan return the money received in violation of the rules. We are talking about five IMF credit tranches of about $ 15.8 million each, allocated to Tajikistan under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Assistance program in January 2004 and February 2006.
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Iron stroke
In a short time, the People’s Republic of China will receive a new outlet to Central Asia through its most densely populated part, the Fergana Valley. We are talking about the construction of a railway along the Kashgar-Osh-Andijan route by 2010.
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Uzbek carousel
Over the past three months, the President of Uzbekistan has dismissed four heads of regional administrations. The situation with such a frequent change of regional khokims happening recently in the country reminds the famous anecdote about the "untimely death" of the leaders of the USSR in the pre-perestroika period.
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Kyrgyzkoye UN
Thanks to the well-known Kyrgyz journalist Naryn Aiyp, the new Kyrgyz opposition was called: "UN - The Society of Freed Chiefs." Indeed, in recent times, there have been many former officials in the ranks of the opposition who have successfully crowded experienced oppositionists.
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