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Oleg Panfilov,
project Manager,

Dmitry Alyaev,
chief editor,

Roman Zyuzin,
webmaster [at] cjes.ru

Adil Dzhalilov,

a diamond stylus,

Nargis Zokirova,
zokirova77 [at] mail.ru

Representative Names
in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
not disclosed

Lyudmila Burenkova,
technical editor,
lyuda [at] cjes.ru

Elena Dorokhova,
No 9 (77) May 2008
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Oleg Panfilov
Total circumcision
Abdulhamid Sulaimonov (Andijan)
Internet with a noose around his neck
Guojan Ataev (Ashkhabad)
Legitimate Torture
Rustam Karataev (Moscow)
Only together
Sabina Mametova (Almaty)
How much is the NEP?
Damir Vacancies (Moscow)
Скинёмся на ГЭС?
Alexey Igushev (Dushanbe)
Epicenter Troubles
Oksana Katkova (Uralsk)
Of course, you know what happens to a man who wandered in the desert for a couple of weeks, and suddenly a teahouse was on his way, where pilaw had just ripened? That's right - inversion of intestines. I haven’t eaten for two weeks, but here I am fragrant, with a fat tail, fatty. He ate, sat down and died.
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Total circumcision
Once upon a time, the great poet of the East, Ferdowsi, said: "Truth is a sign of strength, and a lie is a sign of weakness." This saying is true in relation to political regimes. A really strong government is not afraid of the truth, is not afraid of hearing unpleasant criticism, and the cowardly regime raises lies to the rank of state policy and hides behind it.
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Internet with a noose around his neck
Turkmenistan has begun another wave of segregation. At this time, the authorities of society is divided into those who have access to the Internet and those who do not have such access. So, those who do not have access, for the time being left alone and do the rest.
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Legitimate Torture
“Torture in Kyrgyzstan does not stop because no one is responsible for their use,” Aziza Abdirasulova, head of the Kylym ShamLight of the Century Center for the Protection of Human Rights, told one of her press conferences.
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Only together
In a herd of whales, when one of its members is very weak, everyone is trying to help him. As if on cue, the rest of the whales swim under it and lift to the surface. They help him take a breath of air. And there are many such examples in various animals.
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How much is the NEP?
Talk about the privatization of the energy complex of Kyrgyzstan almost caused a government and parliamentary crisis in the country. The pro-presidential party AkzholSvetly Way, using the parliamentary majority, dragged its own version of the privatization of the country's energy complex.
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Скинёмся на ГЭС?
The government of the poorest of the former Soviet republics invites its citizens to donate a salary and contribute to the construction of a hydroelectric power station. This proposal was voiced by the speaker of the upper house of parliament and the mayor of Dushanbe, Mahmadsaid Ubaidullaev.
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Epicenter Troubles
The West Kazakhstan region of the country is becoming earthquake-prone. On Saturday, April 26, an earthquake struck the Terekty region. The epicenter fell on the village, located on the shores of Lake Shalkar, which used to be called Rybtsekh.
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