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Constitution, how tabula rasa
Oleg Panfilov
A week ago, President Nazarbayev, in unison with his Central Asian colleagues, pronounced a sentence on the future of his country: "Kazakhstan is not ready for a Western-style democracy." Apparently, after some thought, he added: “We ask our Western partners to abandon the idea of ​​implanting Western values ​​by 100 percent in Kazakhstan. For us, democracy is not the beginning of the road, but its end. ”

Ah yes, Nursultan Abishevich, well, a comedian. True, the Reuters message was in the usual news about political news, and in the work of this agency the placement of news was never noticed under the heading "Presidents laugh."

And it is ridiculous because in the very first article of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan it is written: “The Republic of Kazakhstan asserts itself as a democratic, secular, legal and social state, the highest values ​​of which are a person, his life, rights and freedoms”. That is, if you believe President Nazarbayev, then the Constitution of his country is a figure paper, proclaiming (oh, horror!) The end of the country. Or state. Or the rule of Nazarbayev.

We can agree with the last statement, because the second part of the first article of the Constitution of Kazakhstan states that “The fundamental principles of the Republic’s activities are: public consent and political stability, economic development for the benefit of the whole people, Kazakhstan’s patriotism, the solution of the most important issues of state life by democratic methods, including voting in the republican referendum or in the Parliament ". Read on - "DEMOCRATIC METHODS."

Read again. Re-read several times. Unclear? And how to understand Turkmenbashi, who put the Constitution of his country to hell, by setting the rules for the life of the population of the country of its own manufacture - in the two-volume work of “Ruhnama”. Want to smile? The Constitution of Turkmenistan, in its first article, also says: "Turkmenistan is a democratic, legal and secular state."

Similar texts are in the Constitutions of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. But it’s not worth smiling about the last country, you need to think and penetrate - in the Article 2 of the Constitution of Uzbekistan it is written: “The state expresses the will of the people, serves its interests. State bodies and officials are responsible to society and citizens. ”

You remember the Andijan events and you understand that the Constitution is adopted in order for the presidents to look decent, to join the UN, the OSCE, some even get into the Council of Europe. The constitution for the presidents of many new states on the territory of the former USSR - like the CPSU Statutes - is obligatory for execution by one, ordinary party members, but it is not at all necessary to adhere to the leaders of these very members.

Therefore, when some of your sentiments (as a representative of the population) do not like the presidents, they quickly call you attackers of the constitutional order, “terrorists”, send a platoon of special forces with machine guns, and then they bury them in an unmarked grave somewhere in Bogushamol.

In fact, the Constitution is a contract between society and the government. And the population adopts the Constitution in referendums, not power. The population offers those who want to stay some time in power, to follow the terms of this agreement. And the conditions are very good: the Constitution also contains political rights, including freedom of speech, there is also about the organization of power, and about society, its rights and obligations.

In fact, the presidents hid the Constitutions of their countries under the pillow (or far away), if they read, then only those chapters that are devoted to the authorities, but they don’t read about the freedoms and obligations of the government to the population. She, the authorities, in a Soviet way, thinks that the population is still not interested in anything except pilaf with beshbarmak to eat and watch an Indian film.

And no. People began to read the Constitution and noticed an unexpected discrepancy between the behavior of their presidents and the text of this entertaining document. Maybe someone will keep silent (while there are many of them), and who are already tired of being silent ...

Tabula rasa in Latin means “clean board”: this is how philosophers call non-programmed consciousness, ready to accept any installations.
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Oleg Panfilov
[email protected]
July 13, 2005, Moscow, Russia
Dear Saltanat, I really forgot to add one sentence in my editorial material, in which I wanted to suggest adding the definition of “Nazarbayevsky democracy” to the word “democracy” in the Constitution of Kazakhstan. I am always amused by arguments like yours about the Russian husband and the absence of discrimination based on nationality. Not because I feel bad about it. On the contrary, very good. This is probably why I, forced to leave Tajikistan not by my own will in 1992, but still, although I live in Moscow, I remain a citizen of Tajikistan, with a passport of Tajikistan. And I have no more. I had a Tajik wife as well (I hope you are not very interested in the reasons for a divorce?) Fascism and nationalism really flourish in Moscow, you are absolutely right here. And in my article I did not even hint to laugh at Kazakhstanis (God forbid!). And my irony is exclusively addressed to Nazarbayev. If you want, Dariga Nazarbayeva, who has crushed the press. If you want, Rakhat Aliyev, who became deputy. foreign minister. More relatives of President Nazarbayev, occupying high positions in the state, to list or not? This is called corruption throughout the world. Tell you more about the facts that can not be called a democratic process in your wonderful country? If you consider this a democracy, then if you please, consider it as such, but then you need to add "democracy in Nazarbayevsky".
[email protected]
13.07.2005, Kazakhstan, Almaty
Dear Oleg, I'm afraid you forgot to take into account one word "Western". Nazarbayev talked about Western-style democracy. Let's not play with words and recognize the fact that democracies are different. Our president said that we must take into account the mistakes of others and build our own democracy. I live in Kazakhstan, I work as a journalist and do not have any problems, I feel that I live in a fairly democratic country. But in Moscow I was discriminated against on a national basis. Where in Kazakhstan Russians are discriminated against - tell me. My husband is Russian, and he also considers himself a citizen of a democratic state. The election of our president is a reason for a journalist from other states to look down on and laugh, they say, these are dark people. But in fact, you need to be a citizen of this state or even come not only to the seminars for three days to understand why this situation has developed and why Kazakhstan now needs Nazarbayev.
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