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Strengthening Soros?
Adil Dzhalilov
The founder of the Open Society Institute George Soros visited Kazakhstan. The famous financier was received by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. After the meeting with the head of the country, Mr. Soros told reporters that he had a "frank and friendly conversation" with the President of Kazakhstan: "I offered my help to strengthen democracy, in particular, to improve the legal system." The phrase expressed during the International Business Conference of the Asian Society in Almaty is also indicative: "The recent political decisions of the Kazakh government are repressive measures and prevent the state from realizing promising economic and social potential."

According to Mr. Soros, the recent change in Georgia and Ukraine made the government of Kazakhstan nervous, and the instinctive reaction was aimed at tightening. In particular, in his opinion, the “package of new laws that was submitted to the Majilis (lower house of parliament) - on extremism, national security and on NGOs” has a repressive nature. In a series of repressive measures, Soros also put the liquidation of the Far East Party, the closure of the opposition newspaper Respublika, as well as attempts to hinder the activities of the Soros Foundation in Kazakhstan. Mr. Soros believes that the judicial system of Kazakhstan is not independent, the mass media are not pluralistic and political parties are not free in their activities. Meanwhile, in his opinion, the government of Kazakhstan "has absolutely no need to resort to repressive measures." “The president could enlist the gratitude of his people and ensure economic progress and political freedoms. And such popularity will become simply unmatched. By creating and using a favorable investment environment, the government can ensure economic prosperity. And this prosperity, accompanied by political rights, will ensure stability, ”says George Soros. He is confident that repressive measures, in the opinion of the President of the Foundation, lead to instability - the leakage of capital, the emigration of highly skilled professionals; the government of Kazakhstan has no need for repressive measures in order to remain in power. At the same time, he stressed that the Soros Foundation is ready to fully assist and support Kazakhstan if the state abandons the course of repression on which, in his opinion, it is now.
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